Distinctive services

As your strategic business partner we aim to meet your needs for technical solutions and high quality products in the area of piping & valves. Therefore we offer you a distinctive package of services in the fields of engineering & project support, manufacturing, quality control, expediting, non-material requirements and after sales.

Quality control

PFF has in-house certified inspectors for material certification, NDE (MPE/DPI/PMI) and coating (NACE). For all inspection activities highlighted in the project inspection and test plan, PFF uses in-house inspectors as well as field inspectors to attend the activities at the manufacturers premises. All activities are documented and presented to clients or third parties as and when required.


Late or incomplete delivery of materials and/or components may delay your project. By ensuring that the production and supply agreements with all parties concerned in your supply chain are fulfilled at every stage of the process, our expediting specialists keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Our expediting services include:

  • Coordinating the progress of all processes
  • Visiting suppliers
  • Detecting aspects which may lead to delays
  • Taking steps to prevent or minimise delays
  • On-site verification of progress
  • Periodically submitting progress reports

Non-material requirements

Today’s non-material requirements are as important as the components itself. Our progress reports are set up to provide you with a detailed overview of the order and give status on materials and non-materials compared to the original planning. Areas of concern are highlighted and – when applicable – recovery actions are indicated.

A major aspect of our projects – and within our international playing field of crucial importance – is the presentation and management of documents. To control the flow of documents we have a adequate document control system which provides us with the exact status and outstanding actions required.


Up to 10 years after final delivery we can retrieve critical documents related to our sales orders. If so required, we can additionally offer you a wide range of infield services, including valve actuator mounting and testing, training of your service staff and valve repair services.

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