Affiliated to the Galperti Group

The PFF Group is part of the Galperti Group, a leading company with production and sales organisations established worldwide. Within the demanding oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries, the name Galperti is synonymous with quality, sustainability and reliability.


Close to 100 years of experience

The foundation for the Galperti Group was laid in 1921 in the Italian city of Bellano, where the activities were primarily geared to the production of agricultural machinery and forged parts for railways.

Successful market strategy

With the emergence of the chemical and petrochemical industries, the company shifted its focus to the development and production of forged flanges. This proved a success, because today, Galperti is one of the world leading producers and offers an extensive range of quality products.


Global player, local management

The PFF Group was founded with the aim to accomplish a direct connection with – and offer a higher level of service to – end users. The company is owned by the Galperti Group. As a customer, you benefit from the economies of a global player and the commitment of local management.