The component as part of the bigger picture

The extraction of oil and gas increasingly takes place under extreme conditions. As a result, heavier demands are being set for piping components. Within the PFF Group, PFF Engineering and Production is responsible for the development, manufacture and delivery of special products. Our unique proposition comprises of a broad variety of high-end valve packages and engineered products. In addition, we offer a complete range of product- and project-related services.

Our approach

We consider each new project as a challenge to offer you the best products and services, based on your technical requirements and application, laws and regulations, desired quality and delivery time. We are partnering with our clients and a select group of manufacturers in order to meet our mutual goals. We value and stimulate an open communication between parties involved, during the tendering, execution and completion phase.

Engineering challenges

Due to the heavier demands in the field of product quality, higher demands are also being set for the knowledge and skills of our engineers. It is therefore good to know that for our engineering challenges we can rely on an expert team of engineers and on state of the art computerised calculation & design programs. For critical components – e.g. in subsea applications – we have the possibility to run a finite element analysis on the product, simulating the actual working conditions. This allows us to design the best product solution for your application.

Investing in people and resources

In order to ensure our high performance level we continuously invest in product engineering, calculation and verification software and in our IT-infrastructure. In addition, we also invest in our relationship with manufacturers of specialised piping components, valve products, actuators and control system components. And – not in the least – in developing the skills of our employees. After all, the professionalism and competences of our employees are key success factors in realising our main goal: optimum customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance

Covered by the ISO 9000:2015 certification we bring a high level of quality assurance on our projects. Each project is operated under a dedicated QA/QC test and inspection plan. This plan dictates the individual design and manufacturing steps as well as the verification of documents and standards. Each step is rated by hold, review and witness activities for the PFF Group, client and third party authorities.


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